Saturday, September 27, 2008

Somerville School, Noida - Nursery Admission primer

Somerville is one of the better schools of Noida. It doesn't feature among big brothers (DPS, Amity, ApeeJay) or among new-age modern-thinking swanky ones (Mayoor, Lotus Valley, Step-By-Step etc) but is a decent school.

Location - Its in Sector 22, not the best of locations since its just next to 'Chauda Village' and there is a 'liquor shop' right at the gate, but thats fine.

The forms were out in early september and were available for a week. I think it was first week of September. They only allow Noida residents and all communication happens through courier.

Admission Process
1. Apply if you meet the age criteria. You need to be a resident of Noida, preferably a close-by sector.
2. In first round, they shortlist some of the cases (we dont know the criteria and it would be anyone's guess) and send a letter through courier. For this year, they used DTDC so please ensure that you keep a tab on that.
3. In 2nd round, you interact with a very senior person. In our case, it was the Principal herself. She asked on
- how do we get time
- what stories she likes
- why Somerville

For the kid, they had some plastic fruits and animals. They call out names and the kid is to identify the animals and fruits. Non-torturous and pretty good for Kids. 3-4 minute interaction at max.

We were called on Sep 25 and successful candidates would get the letter via courier by next week. I would try to find from DTDC on whether they have started dispatching.

I would update on what I get.


Anonymous said...
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vinod said...

JHAJI i liked ur post on sommerville, can u plz tell me sonething about what to do if my child is not selected in any of good schools in noida. i am really disheartened. i applied only in APEEJAY, BALBHARTI, VISHWABHARTI. but didn't find my dau'ter right.

Nandan Jha said...

Dear Vinod - I really do not have a great suggestion for you. I would suggest that you try to reach out to schools where you didn't apply and take your chance.

Some of the new good schools like Khaitan might listen to you. It would be worth trying at Khiataan, Father Agnel at least, with enough perseverance.

Naveen Kumar said...

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